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Where's the best rib place in town?

Don't look at the fast food court at the mall, or downtown either. The best rib place in Wilmington is Fat Cat Pottery.

Ribs are those curved pieces of wood or other material that potters use to shape clay while it is being turned on the wheel.

There are tools galore - brushes, needle tools and knives, shaping tools and clay paddles, sponges, too.

You will most likely find anything you would expect to find in a well-stocked studio supply showroom.

Do you have a favorite glaze formula? Give us the list of ingredients and we will measure and package the right amounts, or mix them up for you.

In short, we will help you in any way we can to find that 'just right' tool or supply.

We supply a wide range of Amaco glazes.  They have an wide verity of low fire glazes, underglazes and specialty glazes and we carry most of them.  We have their full line of cone 6 potter's choice glazes and some of their other cone 6 glazes.

We have 5 Brent wheels in the studio so you can try out a wheel before buying one.  Fat Cat is a distributer of the Brent wheel and highly recommend  them. We have Amaco eco-friendly BioBats in stock along with their Plasti-Bats.

We carry a very large selection of clay shaping tools by Kemper and Sonny makes some very unusual ribs and can make you one to your specs. We carry the full line of Sherrill Mud Tools, too. Mudsponge is the best thing going, come try it out.

We increased our spectrum line to include 4-6 glazes, raised accents, and will order any of their products you wish.

We have a Skutt wheel in store and cones and bats, and banding wheels.

We carry the chemicals, like copper carbonate, cobalt oxide, iron oxide and silica, that you'll need for glazes. We sell by the pound for most chemicals and by the bag of the most popular. Many of the glazes we carry are available pre-mixed, too, as liquids in many different jar sizes.